23 June 2012

Crème Brulée Cheese Cake (Secret Recipe, Malaysia)

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to Makan Sakti... So a solo person like me just celebrate my super simple birthday in Secret Recipe and having a slice of Creme Brule.

Price: RM 6.80 / slice

Taste: licin 

Below is an excerpts from kuali.com
Secret Recipe Cakes and Cafe, well-noted for its extensive fare of mouth-watering cakes since its inception in 1997, has created their latest cheese cake creation — Creme Brulee Cheese Cake. Made with the finest ingredients and giving extra attention to details, the new cheese cake creation is inspired by the popular French dessert, creme brulee. The smooth and easy to delight in Crème Brulee Cheese Cake is a smooth symphony of sweet vanilla blend and light cream cheese with glazed caramel on top. Best indulged when chilled, the cheese cake is set on a firm cracker base with its top layer sprinkled with sugar and torch-heated to form a thin caramelised delicious glaze coating. The cheese cake is priced at RM6.80 per slice and RM80 for the whole cake. This cake is now available at all Secret Recipe Peninsular Malaysia outlets.

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